• Noa

    in ep 10 where dose tornado put her phone?

  • Huzaifa

    this is awsome videos please give this in a serial

  • Atanas Stoilov

    no that’s not true! Goku punch frost but frost use his neddle to poison it goku

    • Cabba

      I know

      Goku can beat freeza and frost easily but they cheat

      Freeze’s warrior shoot

      Frost used poison

  • Atanas Stoilov

    Wow! I can’t wait to see how strong is Hit

  • Liam DiFerdinando



    who is this fucking heno sama?

  • Prince Junlen Trayag

    When will be the ep.41 get release??

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      never or sooner or alwayser or subbed or bb poqi kthehu me tekst

  • Keegan

    What’s up with episodes 40 and 41 the are the same!!!!

  • styck

    how come goku got to fight against hit? he lost against frost earlier. did I miss anything?

    • Stefano

      If you watched the fight between Frost VS Piccolo, you know exactly why. He had poisoness needles

    • SSJ-Mad

      because frost was the strongest and had some special punch

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    Where is the subs? Anyone help

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    Why the terrible translation? Anime mobile usually posts Pafu sub and the subs read naturally, unlike this stilted mess.

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    i love dragon ball super ,i don’t mind the weak story I’m just glad that dragon ball has returned

    • Lamine Slimany

      i think you are right this really verry weak story,,
      what’s goning on in hear

    • Me either

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  • Daniel Petrigala

    It hasn’t gotten weak it just hasn’t got anywhere. The trunks arc should make you reconsider. I don’t think a single eyemy proved a threat to the z fighters. Maybe Freeza where he blew up the planet but still that’s about it.

  • kogee snypa


    PLEASE AKIRA , DONT disappoint US

    • not going 2 happen he always disappoints

    • Mutex Fate

      Dude Gohan has long retired bro. He is also not gonna be involved in this arc.

      • kogee snypa

        damn , but if something special happens like training with the kais or beerus to fight against black goku

        • Mutex Fate

          Yeah, I guess you could hope for it. But, the new intro and promo pretty much confirms that Gohan is not gonna be involved/do anything. The main Characters for this arc are Goku,Vegeta,Black Goku, Future Trunks,Mai and That Green Kai looking guy. (Of course Beerus, Whis ,Omni king, Goten,Trunks, pilaf, shu and present Mai would also be involved i.e #Secondary #Tertiary characters).

        • gohan

          No I don’t think beer us would fight him,knowing beer is he would like goku to fight his evil version it would be very interesting to him

      • gohan

        No of us know that

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    • gohan

      He might be the white hair super saiyan which I really hope it is

  • Lav Karri

    trunks vs frieza
    youtube – yamerusenpai

  • Who else wants to see Bardock in the martial arts tournament of the 12 Universes
    remember what omni king told about the tournament

    • Bardock is alive?

      • jlooo

        he would be in alternate universe i assume

      • Nail Cregsworth


      • gohan

        No but he is the first super saiyan

        • Grendel

          That isnt’ canon though so no reason to think that it would carry into super…

          • bruh

            YES IT IS IT WAS MADE FROM AKIRA TORIYAMA -KONO BAKA- (for people who cant speak japanese i said YOU IDIOT)

          • Grendel

            Grow up please no need for insults…and no it wasn’t…the one shot with bardock and gokus mom was though

    • gohan

      Bro that would be awesome!!! but the thing I really want to happen is gohan fight in the omniverse and I want him to redeem himself

      • Deads

        Our Gohan or another Gohan?

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        I can’t waiting for Dragon Ball Super episode 56

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          english bro

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        Nice site


        the translate
        you are the one doing it right plz there are too many flaws in your translate plz translate correctly it bother me too much

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          why don’t you learn how to speak english first. thank you.

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            BURN !

          • zaku2100

            English has its roots in the languages of the Germanic peoples of northern Europe. During the Roman Empire, most of the Germanic-inhabited area (Germania) remained independent from Rome, although some southwestern parts were within the empire. Some Germanics served in the Roman military, and troops from Germanic tribes such as the Tungri, Batavi and Frisii served in Britain (Britannia) under Roman command. Germanic settlement and power expanded during the Migration Period, which saw the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Germanic settlement of Britain took place from the 5th to the 7th century, following the end of Roman rule on the island. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relates that around the year 449 Vortigern, King of the Britons, invited the “Angle kin” (Angles allegedly led by the Germanic brothers Hengist and Horsa) to help repel invading Picts, in return for lands in the southeast of Britain. This led to waves of settlers who eventually established seven kingdoms, known as the heptarchy. (The Chronicle was not a contemporaneous work, however, and cannot be regarded as an accurate record of such early events.) Bede, who wrote his Ecclesiastical History in AD 731, writes of invasion by Angles, Saxons and Jutes, although the precise nature of the invasion and settlement and the contributions made by these particular groups are the subject of much dispute among historians.

            The languages spoken by the Germanic peoples who initially settled in Britain were part of the West Germanic branch of the Germanic language family. They consisted of dialects from the Ingvaeonic grouping, spoken mainly around the North Sea coast, in regions that lie within modern Denmark, north-west Germany and the Netherlands. Due to specific similarities between early English and Old Frisian, an Anglo-Frisian grouping is also identified.

            These dialects had most of the typical West Germanic features, including a significant amount of grammatical inflection. Vocabulary came largely from the core Germanic stock, although due to the Germanic peoples’ extensive contacts with the Roman world, the settlers’ languages already included a number of loanwords from Latin. For instance, the predecessor of Modern English wine had been borrowed into early Germanic from the Latin vinum.

            Old English

            The first page of the Beowulf manuscript
            Old English
            The dialects spoken by the Germanic settlers developed into a language that would come to be called Anglo-Saxon, or now more commonly Old English. It displaced the indigenous Brittonic Celtic (and the Latin of the former Roman rulers) in most of the areas of Britain that later formed the Kingdom of England, while Celtic languages remained in most of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, and many compound Celtic-Germanic placenames survive, hinting at early language mixing. Old English continued to exhibit local variation, the remnants of which continue to be found in dialects of Modern English. The four main dialects were Mercian, Northumbrian, Kentish and West Saxon; the last of these formed the basis for the literary standard of the later Old English period, although the dominant forms of Middle and Modern English would develop mainly from Mercian.

            Old English was first written using a runic script called the futhorc, but this was replaced by a version of the Latin alphabet introduced by Irish missionaries in the 9th century. Most literary output was in either the Early West Saxon of Alfred the Great’s time, or the Late West Saxon (regarded as the “classical” form of Old English) of the Winchester school inspired by Bishop Æthelwold of Winchester and followed by such writers as the prolific Ælfric of Eynsham (“the Grammarian”). The most famous surviving work from the Old English period is the epic poem Beowulf, composed by an unknown poet.

            The introduction of Christianity from around the year 600 encouraged the addition of over 400 Latin loan words into Old English, such as the predecessors of the modern priest, paper, and school, and a smaller number of Greek loan words. The speech of eastern and northern parts of England was also subject to strong Old Norse influence due to Scandinavian rule and settlement beginning in the 9th century (see below).

            Most native English speakers today find Old English unintelligible, even though about half of the most commonly used words in Modern English have Old English roots. The grammar of Old English was much more inflected than modern English, combined with freer word order, and was grammatically quite similar in some respects to modern German. The Old English period is considered to have transitioned into the Middle English period some time after the Norman conquest of 1066, when the language came to be influenced significantly by the new ruling class’s French dialect, called Old Norman.

            Scandinavian influence

            The approximate extent of Old Norse and related languages in the early 10th century:
            Old West Norse dialect
            Old East Norse dialect
            Old Gutnish
            Old English
            Crimean Gothic
            Other Germanic languages with which Old Norse still retained some mutual intelligibility
            Vikings from modern-day Norway and Denmark began to raid parts of Britain from the late 8th century onward. In 865, however, a major invasion was launched by what the Anglo-Saxons called the Great Heathen Army, which eventually brought large parts of northern and eastern England (the Danelaw) under Scandinavian control. Most of these areas were retaken by the English under Edward the Elder in the early 10th century, although York and Northumbria were not permanently regained until the death of Eric Bloodaxe in 954. Scandinavian raids resumed in the late 10th century during the reign of Æthelred the Unready, and Sweyn Forkbeard eventually succeeded in briefly being declared king of England in 1013, followed by the longer reign of his son Cnut from 1016 to 1035, and Cnut’s sons Harold Harefoot and Harthacnut until 1042.

            The Scandinavians, or Norsemen, spoke dialects of a North Germanic language known as Old Norse. The Anglo-Saxons and the Scandinavians thus spoke related languages from different branches (West and North) of the Germanic family; many of their lexical roots were the same or similar, although their grammatical systems were more divergent. Probably significant numbers of Norse speakers settled in the Danelaw during the period of Scandinavian control. Many place-names in those areas are of Scandinavian provenance (those ending in -by, for example); it is believed that the settlers often established new communities in places that had not previously been developed by the Anglo-Saxons. The extensive contact between Old English and Old Norse speakers, including the possibility of intermarriage that resulted from the acceptance of Christianity by the Danes in 878, undoubtedly influenced the varieties of those languages spoken in the areas of contact. Some scholars even believe that Old English and Old Norse underwent a kind of fusion, and that the resulting English language might be described as a mixed language or creole. During the rule of Cnut and other Danish kings in the first half of the 11th century a kind of diglossia may have come about, with the West Saxon literary language existing alongside the Norse-influenced Midland dialect of English, which could have served as a koine or spoken lingua franca. When Danish rule ended, and particularly after the Norman Conquest, the status of the minority Norse language presumably declined relative to that of English, and its remaining speakers assimilated to English in a process involving language shift and language death. The widespread bilingualism that must have existed during this process possibly contributed to the rate of borrowings from Norse into English.

            Only about 100 or 150 Norse words, mainly connected with government and administration, are found in Old English writing. The borrowing of words of this type was stimulated by Scandinavian rule in the Danelaw and during the later reign of Cnut. However, most surviving Old English texts are based on the West Saxon standard that developed outside the Danelaw; it is not clear to what extent Norse influenced the forms of the language spoken in eastern and northern England at that time. Later texts from the Middle English era, now based on an eastern Midland rather than a Wessex standard, reflect the significant impact that Norse had on the language. In all, English borrowed about two thousand words from Old Norse, of which several hundred survive in Modern English.

            Norse borrowings include many very common words, such as anger, bag, both, hit, law, leg, same, skill, sky, take, window, and even the pronoun they. Norse influence is also believed to have reinforced the adoption of the plural copular verb form are rather than alternative Old English forms like sind. It is also considered to have stimulated and accelerated the morphological simplification found in Middle English, such as the loss of grammatical gender and explicitly marked case (except in pronouns). This is possibly confirmed by observations that simplification of the case endings occurred earliest in the north and latest in the south-west, the area farthest away from Viking influence. The spread of phrasal verbs in English is another grammatical development to which Norse may have contributed (although here a possible Celtic influence is also noted).

            Middle English
            Middle English
            Middle English is the form of English spoken roughly from the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 until the end of the 15th century.

            For centuries after the Conquest, the Norman kings and high-ranking nobles in England and to some extent elsewhere in the British Isles spoke Anglo-Norman, a variety of Old Norman, originating from a northern langue d’oïl dialect. Merchants and lower-ranked nobles were often bilingual in Anglo-Norman and English, whilst English continued to be the language of the common people. Middle English was influenced by both Anglo-Norman, and later Anglo-French (see characteristics of the Anglo-Norman language).

            Opening prologue of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” from the Canterbury Tales
            Until the 14th century, Anglo-Norman and then French were the language of the courts and government. Even after the decline of Norman French, standard French retained the status of a formal or prestige language, and about 10,000 French (and Norman) loan words entered Middle English, particularly terms associated with government, church, law, the military, fashion, and food (see English language word origins and List of English words of French origin). The strong influence of Old Norse on English (described in the previous section) also becomes apparent during this period. The impact of the native British Celtic languages that English continued to displace is generally held to be much smaller, although some attribute such analytic verb forms as the continuous aspect (“to be doing” or “to have been doing”) to Celtic influence. Some scholars have also put forward hypotheses that Middle English was a kind of creole language resulting from contact between Old English and either Old Norse or Anglo-Norman.

            English literature began to reappear after 1200, when a changing political climate and the decline in Anglo-Norman made it more respectable. The Provisions of Oxford, released in 1258, was the first English government document to be published in the English language after the Norman Conquest. In 1362, Edward III became the first king to address Parliament in English. The Pleading in English Act 1362 made English the only language in which court proceedings could be held, though the official record remained in Latin. By the end of the century, even the royal court had switched to English. Anglo-Norman remained in use in limited circles somewhat longer, but it had ceased to be a living language. Official documents began to be produced regularly in English during the 15th century. Geoffrey Chaucer, who lived in the late 14th century, is the most famous writer from the Middle English period, and The Canterbury Tales is his best-known work.

            The English language changed enormously during the Middle English period, both in vocabulary and pronunciation, and in grammar. While Old English is a heavily inflected language (synthetic), the use of grammatical endings diminished in Middle English (analytic). Grammar distinctions were lost as many noun and adjective endings were levelled to -e. The older plural noun marker -en (retained in a few cases such as children and oxen) largely gave way to -s, and grammatical gender was discarded.

            English spelling was also influenced by Norman in this period, with the /?/ and /ð/ sounds being spelled th rather than with the Old English letters þ (thorn) and ð (eth), which did not exist in Norman. These letters remain in the modern Icelandic and Faroese alphabets, having been borrowed from Old English via Old West Norse.

            Early Modern English
            Early Modern English
            English underwent extensive sound changes during the 15th century, while its spelling conventions remained largely constant. Modern English is often dated from the Great Vowel Shift, which took place mainly during the 15th century. The language was further transformed by the spread of a standardised London-based dialect in government and administration and by the standardising effect of printing. As a result, the language acquired self-conscious terms such as “accent” and “dialect”. By the time of William Shakespeare (mid 16th – early 17th century), the language had become clearly recognisable as Modern English. In 1604, the first English dictionary was published, the Table Alphabeticall.

            Increased literacy and travel facilitated the adoption of many foreign words, especially borrowings from Latin and Greek from the time of the Renaissance. In the 17th century, Latin words were often used with their original inflections, but these eventually disappeared. As there are many words from different languages and English spelling is variable, the risk of mispronunciation is high, but remnants of the older forms remain in a few regional dialects, most notably in the West Country. During the period, loan words were borrowed from Italian, German, and Yiddish. British acceptance of and resistance to Americanisms began during this period.

            Modern English

            Title page from the second edition of the Dictionary
            Modern English
            The first authoritative and full featured English dictionary, the Dictionary of the English Language, was published by Samuel Johnson in 1755. To a high degree, the dictionary standardised both English spelling and word usage. Meanwhile, grammar texts by Lowth, Murray, Priestly, and others attempted to prescribe standard usage even further.

            Early Modern English and Late Modern English differ essentially in vocabulary. Late Modern English has many more words, arising from the Industrial Revolution and technology that created a need for new words, as well as international development of the language. The British Empire at its height covered one quarter of the Earth’s surface, and the English language adopted foreign words from many countries. British English and North American English, the two major varieties of the language, are together spoken by 400 million people. Received Pronunciation of British English is considered the traditional standard. The total number of English speakers worldwide may exceed one billion. The English language will almost certainly continue to evolve over time. With the development of computer use (chat rooms, domains, and apps etc. etc.), and the adoption of English as a worldwide lingua franca across cultures, customs, and traditions, we should not be surprised to see some further shortening of words, phrases, and/or sentences.
            English is my 13’th language.

          • mark arjay

            lolz hahahaa

          • Randy Bailey

            Okay 🙂 1) if they’re speaking it obviously they’ve learned 2) it’s the Internet who cares how someone says it, as long as you can understand the meaning and 3) eevn if I tpye lkie tihs you sulohd be albe to raed tihs, if not tehn oh wlel 🙂 and 4) the translation is pretty bad sometimes to the point I’ve to pause and reread what’s being said in order to even understand what they’re saying 😀 so next time don’t be a troll and a jerk and be considerate of people who learn our language since tbh it’s one of the hardest to learn as a second language due to the fact we’ve a very complex vocabulary, so many words that sound the same, but mean different things. I.e. The word complex I just said, if someone didn’t know English was reading this it could be translated to building, since we also use that word for things such as shopping complex, or it could come up as a mental disease like superiority complex like in your case 😀

          • darkracer

            only 50% of the people can read that.
            it’s because we read the word as a whole and not as individual letters.
            as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltteer are in tiehr reesipcvte pcale.

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            i can read this perfectly (i seen worst and that was their true way of spelling lol) some cant understand a simple typing error AND if you do one they think you are dumb (when they are)

          • Sirius GG

            This is way easier if you’re native English. I’m from Germany and can read a German sentence that’s scrambled by the rule that the first and last letters match pretty easily, but for a non-native language I feel like you really need a couple of seconds longer.

          • darkracer

            i’m dutch. and i can write like that in english.
            but i often think in either english or dutch

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            english is my second language (im from Quebec) so my main language is basicly French but a bit mixed with some english word . . . i speak in english like i speak in french (if you are from france for you thats mean REALLY BAD) but for us this is actually how everyone do . . . im often said by dumbass that my spelling is bad but not in fact it is perfect (in english test i alway got 90% to 100%) and this is not even my primary language i chatted with born english peeps that spell worst than i do AND I NEVER CRITIC THE WAY THEY SPELL . . . as long we can understand what he mean who give a f**k how the word are said

          • Arsalaan LaFleur

            I struggled to understand that, and I have a PhD in english

          • msz

            Super reply

          • duh

            F.O. xenophobic josh

        • mark arjay


        • darkracer

          hahaha are you trolling or what?
          don’t YOU dare tell someone else how to translate or speak english

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          • Sticky adsense on scrollbar and block adblock triggered me


      I totally agrees with you there

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        Do u know bhuvan bhum

        • virus

          Yes …he just won the award for best youtube channel

    • DBZ FAN 14

      its garbage with its copyrighted content.

  • Mutex Fate

    Present Trunks confirmed to die in episode 49. Future Trunks is gonna replace his role.

    • Mega Blaziken

      To be honest I want that to happen I hate present Trunks

    • diny


    • SSG Gotone

      If nobody else got the joke just letting you know i did 😉

  • Alex Andi

    “C’mon ppl, WTF”

    • Yeah he burned all these goddamn retards with their stupid theories.

      • Hoang Huy Tran

        Yeah, you were very smart to point out that its Dark Goku right after you watched the spoiler. Very extremely smart! I’m happy for you.
        Not all people watched the “spoiler”, those included me.
        It is best to keep the identity of key characters in the dark for people to expose their ideas and imagination instead of show white brains, and you are in this group.
        Hey Akira Toriyama, you should stop being an ass. Try to use some logic in your work, its a complete mess, still its good for entertainment.
        And thanks for free entertainment.

        • You are fucking delusional you know that? Why are you making up theories on what I watched? People thought black goku was goten. That is absolutely hilarious and toriyama burned those 10 year olds. What the hell are you on about?

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            “People thought black goku was goten. That is absolutely hilarious and toriyama burned those 10 year olds” What is so hilarious?
            IF you hadn’t watched that Bird Mountain’s spoiler, would you come up with one or several hypothesis? Wow, you were so freaking smart to figure out that the guy in black were Son Goku. So freaking smart.
            Hell please, it was because you watched the spoiler, kid.
            You are not that smart, live with it.
            And yeah, I’m delusional, probably. You happy? I’m happy 🙂

          • First what the fuck is “Bird Mountain’s spoiler” ?
            Second what the hell is wrong with you? Goten couldn’t possible be goku black, it is a hilarious theory. Seriously you should come to terms with your stupidity and just move in with life.

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            Well, people come up with hypothesis when they don’t know what it is. Live with it.
            Toriyama = 鳥山 = Bird Mountain
            I’m really not sure who is the stupid one here: one that comes up with backed up thesis or one who watched the spoiler and called other stupid.
            Live with it, smart kid. Cheers!

          • What the fuck….how delusional are you? You have excellent defense mechanisms. I didn’t watch any trailers you moron. You are fucking crazy tbh.

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            You have excellent offensive mechanism 🙂
            Yes, I’m crazy and delusional, and you are psychotic and illusion.
            That makes both of us.
            I’m happy, are you happy?

          • normofalltrades

            Since Black Goku is from Future Trunks timeline, then it couldn’t have possibly been Goten as Goku was killed before the cell games in his timeline.

          • You know nothing Rakcunt.

          • ? All I said is that goten isn’t goku black. is that true? yes it is clown.

          • Ay Rakcunt the Wind Walkers will be coming to you.

          • xenoverse rules

            you suck rakoon insultig ppl like a jerk heck your name sucks its even written wrong

          • “you suck, your name sucks” “insulting people” Ok so you just did what you accused me of already. Fucking idiot.

          • dragonball xenoverse rules

            i guess you would be used to it since everyone is insulting you for being such an idiot i think people understand why

          • Rakcoon

            One comment ago you swore it was the other way around. Damn you are a stupid fuck. How hard did you hit your head kid?

    • Flakes

      It’s funny cuz that Twitter account doesn’t exist.

    • Flakes

      Also it’s past 160 limit and that date doesn’t exist yet, Twitter puts the month first so good job on the bullshit.

      • ob

        actually the date could be right because most countries put the day then the month so that would be June 12th not December 6th

        • Flakes

          As far as I know Twitter does not localize dates. As far as I can tell it’s the same format as long as English is the display language. Also Toryiyama does not use social media. He’s kinda notorious for his seclusion.

    • Brayden Mitchell


    • Aldo Milani

      hahahahah black being goten hahahahaa

    • anmol

      zumasu is goku black

      • *.*

        No it’s just a nigger goku

        • Dodavahu Ben Ysra’el

          If you noticed……Zamasu fell at someones’ hand in the opening credits….Zamasu might have found Son Goku on the 10th dimension Earth…..then stole his body.

          • Roy Smokesalot


          • Gio

            If Captain Ginyu could do it… don’t see why some one else couldn’t have.

          • Michael Blub

            Zamasu can’t find a Goku in the 10th universe…. It would contradict with the whole 7 and 8th universe are parellel from each other, just like 9 and 10. Meaning universe 10 is in noway the same as universe 7… Meaning Zamasu managed to pull off something to go through different universes…

          • Mhykearlz Martinz

            Zamasu used d super dragon balls to wish fr an immortal body n den forcfuly fusd with dat kai in d 10 univers so he used d ring

          • Michael Blub

            Why u reply with info which wasn’t shown untill episode 57. It makes no sense to comment to me(22days old comment) and add new information(last episode) in this discussion.

          • Mac

            lol faggots

          • Michael Blub

            Yh nice reply to me after it was revealed. Also I can do the same to you now to.

            Zamasu killed Supreme Kai of 10 and used the Super Dragon Balls to transfer his body with that of Goku in Universe 7. Went to the past and killed Chichi, Goten and Goku who had Zamasu’s body and went to the timeline of Trunks to kill that Supreme Kai and asked for the F! Zamasu to help him with their plan. Used the Super DragonBall again and wished F! Zamasu for immortality and destroyed the Super DragonBalls in that timeline.

            See how annoying this is. Writing something the episode already explained.

          • Justin Necaise

            were do you even get a different universe out of different timelines from the same universe? Trunks using the time machine created an alternate timeline not a different or alternate universe. So all this shit happens in the same universe but in different timelines.

          • Justin Necaise

            The only relevance to universe 10 is that is were Zamasu is from, that is it. That saiyans even exist there is a misconception. Everything that happens in the future trunks arc besides Goku traveling to meet Zamasu for the 1st time, happens in universe 7.

          • Mac

            fucking queers.

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            he did not went to the past but to the present just saying but its not explained right in the episode so my guess it is the present of future trunks timeline

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            well my bad there its the past of future trunk timeline in any way cause in that timeline goku die before cell game in android arc (i was refering to the present time of goku timeline in future trunks timeline but remembered he is not alive in that present time) but whatever time traveler you are never in the future or the past always in the present of something lol

          • Justin Necaise

            only universes whos total adds up to 13 are similar. are you even paying attention to the episodes? the twin of 10 would be 3. And its universes 6 and 7 that are similar, not 7 and 8. 5 would be the twin to 8.

          • Justin Necaise


            see how that works?

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            thanks for this (i know it was those numbers but did not understand the total of 13 before you explained it) tell me something do those universe got switched or something cause this math dont work anymore if you calcul the 6 universe king of all destroyed (if i dont mistake they said they got 18 universe before) any speculation about that or do you know the answer ?

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            4-15=19 ………………………………………………….1-12
            5-14=19 ………………………………………………….2-11
            6-13=19 ………………………………………………….3-10
            7-12=19 ………………………………………………….4-9
            8-11=19 ………………………………………………….5-8
            9-10=19 ………………………………………………….6-7
            . . . . . . . but how after destruction it became ?????

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            Because numbers can be changed, names can be changed. AND, ultimately, Toriyama doesn’t know what the heck is working on. He doesn’t care about the logic at all. As a fiction writer, he is kinda short visioned as he doesn’t allow his own creation to be extended further without contradiction. That’s how 🙂

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            i just think (a logic guess) there is more than 2 similar universe
            3-9-10………all of them
            4-9-10-15….are similar
            but for the total of number sure nothing work in that guess lol

          • Xilence

            who the hell do you think you are mr know it all what do you think you are is the real question alright i understand that you were trying to correct that other guys mistakes but what the hells mr know it all lol that should be a meme with your name in the middle

          • Zsnake Pliscon

            he was right but to make it look right you just add the numbers that equal 13 together.
            this is actualy a realy good way to help kids with math that are bad with numbers, but love the show.

          • Michael Blub

            You get the point retard. Simply because I got the number wrong, doesn’t mean mine whole statement is invalid.

          • Lifegiver

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            So you really think when you are trying to make a valid point that the fine details don’t matter? And you call me retarded. I was never trying to take validity away from you. I only wanted you to know how the universe system worked. Misinformation makes you ignorant and helps others to be stupid.

          • Justin Necaise

            Get what point? You damn sure aren’t telling me anything. And if you got that simple fact wrong how can I take anything in that statement as credible. Sorry kid, this is just how the world works. And you didn’t just get a number wrong, you got numbers wrong. I simply corrected the concept of the way the universes pair up, which you clearly had wrong. You didn’t just have the number wrong you had the whole concept out of order. If your reactions to anyone correcting your mistakes is anger and name calling, you my non-friend are going to have a very tough life.

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            Well u can’t read. I simply got the number wrong, since I clearly staten what u staten, so I suggest u need to check ur eyes before typing something stupid like this.

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            I only corrected your mistake and my question implied that you didn’t pay much attention to the episode where they explain the equation of how you should know which universes are paired. To make you less ignorant I then explained to you the concept. That I had to correct you pretty much makes my implication a fact. That you lash out implies that you are an unstable person who cant stand being corrected and it angers you that you aren’t always correct. That you use name calling to try to get your point across implies that you aren’t very mature which also implies that you are a kid. And lastly I understood what you were saying even through all the misspelling and such. That I had to correct a part of what you were saying means I didn’t understand the rest? Maybe you had the rest correct so I only felt the need to correct that which was wrong? I guess you can tell me, you are the know-it-all.

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    the second theory is that black could be from champa’s universe as the green kaioshins come from champa’s universe. because champa’s universe is identical to beerus’s universe, when beerus revived planet earth in champa’s universe he revived everyone who lived there including goku. but in beerus’s universe when goku came to earth he was actually evil but became good because he hit his head and forgot everything but in champa’s universe he may have stayed evil.

    that is my theory about black. please feel free to comment

    • jahbar omega

      you are absolutely right on your theories. all the signs are there..when black seen beerus, he didnt get afraid like he already knew him. the color of blacks power is a god of destruction color. to add on with your theory, what if the king of everything gave him a position of god of destruction and or eliminated beerus since he saw all of the fights, all of the new techniques goku accumulated, and his drive to superiority? every since goku fought beerus, beerus did not train to become stronger than what he is. all of that plays an important role in holding a position like beerus.. he sleeps too much and got consumed by the food of earth he was eating. im just sayin that black goku might just be goku.

      • tahir

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      Cause the last episode gave me the feeling that it isnt his body and that he didnt know who’s body it was.
      Him clutching his chest could be cause of the heart disease and that he took the body including its defects.
      And with that stuff at the end it seems that hes only just figuring out the potential of his body, if this would really be a Goku then i dont think he would have to figure this stuff out.

      • tahir

        in my first theory about black i said that the green kaioshin is the one that revived goku’s dead body and is controlling it probably with the earing on black. also i am not saying that it is goku and if you read my theory then you would see that i mentioned the fact that goku’s body was revived with the disease

        • Sean Schemmel

          my real theory is. Goku is a good guy in the future as well. but Zamusu(the green kaioshin) has some kinda clone technique and he told the clone to do some kinda body change with goku. Just like ginyu.

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      thats what i think please reply if you disagree

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    • Rend

      You think thats weird? The best part comes now. Timetravel in Dragonball uses separate Timelines. Almost like another universe, additional to the other 12 universes. These Timelines don’t interact with each other. When Future Trunks went to the past in DBZ, his actions didn’t change the world in HIS future, it just prevented the same things (Goku dead, the Z-Warriors defeated by the androids) from happening in the main timeline.
      So here is the thing. Zamasu in Future Trunks world can’t have possibly met Goku, because Goku died years ago, just before the Android Saga. Goku never travelled to Zamasu with Whis and Beerus in the Future Trunks timeline, because Goku was already dead.
      Goku visiting Zamasu in the main timeline can’t have influenced the Zamasu in Future Trunks timeline. It never happened there.

      I tell you, Timetravel AND different univeres AND separate timelines, this is too much. This can only end in one big clusterfuck.

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    • Rend

      You are completely right, Future Zamasu never met Future Goku, it never happened in the world of Future Trunks, because Goku is already dead there.

      It’s almost as if Toriyama and the other story writers completely forgot their own rules about time travel and different timelines. Timelines are not connected in Dragonball, they are like different dimensions. Thats why nothing had changed when Future Trunks returned back to his own timeline in DBZ.

      And because the timelines are not connected, the meeting of Goku and Zamasu can’t have happened in the Future Trunks timeline. This whole time travel stuff has just become a big mess.

      • Bob

        Umm, Trunks still ended up in our canon timeline. With a time machine. So why does this argument only apply to Zamasu? I mean, let’s face it, Trunks shouldn’t have been able to come back after he left the first time way back Z. At this point, I think we can accept a possibility of inter-timeline travel.

    • Bob

      Because future Zamasu is from universe 10’s future, and traveled to bad future universe 7 (The one our heroes are in) to fight Goku, who in the past from that point of Universe 10, had already inspired Zamasu to kill humans because they’re too violent. To quote Cell in the Dragonball Abridged, String Theory is a bitch.

      • Rend

        When you say “universe 10’s future”, which one do you mean? Universe 10 in the Future Trunks timeline, or a future of universe 10 from our main timeline? Because the Zamasu in the Future Trunks timeline can’t have met Goku, that’s a fact. That version of him is probably still just making tea for his master, nothing else.
        But if it’s a future Zamasu from a future of the real main timeline, then it would make sense. But it still doesn’t explain why this Zamasu would know Black Goku, or why he would even go to a different timeline from his own. Why would anyone go to a different timeline, if he wants to kill all humans. Wouldn’t it make more sense to kill the humans in your own timeline where you actually live in.

        • Bob

          Maybe Future Zamasu killed all the humans in Universe 10 and somehow learned about Black. I mean, the Kais are quite capable of inter-universe travel after all. Let’s face it, future Trunks is from 17 years in the future, I think 17 years is more than enough time to learn who else is destroying humans in other universes.

          TLDR: we don’t know yet, but we know it’s been a long time since Zamasu and Goku’s first meeting.

          • Rend

            Yeah but it’s not just about inter-universe travel. It’s also about inter-timeline travel, on top of that. That’s where things get weird 😀
            The timeline of Future Trunks is not just a place 17 years in the future, it’s also something like a different dimension 17 years in the future.

            Thats why i was wondering when you said “Future Zamasu”, which one do you mean. There could be two.

          • Bob

            Clearly inter-timeline is possible. I mean, how else would Future Trunks, who is from a time ravaged by androids, be able to come a timeline that was not ravaged by androids? Personally, I’m pretty sure that there is only 1 Future Zamasu, but anything is possible.

          • Rend

            Thats an even more weird thing. Technically he shouldn’t even be able visit the main timeline of the series again, because its no longer his past, its another past. If he would simply travel back in time, then he would just end up in a past of his own timeline, where his younger self and Gohan are fighting 17 and 18.
            Its never really explained, but i guess we just have to assume that Bulma’s time machine has some sort of option where you can select the timeline you want to travel to. Either that, or the time machine is somehow locked to the timeline of main series, since the day when he traveled there for the first time. It must be something like that, otherwise this whole story arc wouldn’t even be possible.

            And i think there are at least two Future Zamasus. A Zamasu who actually belongs to the timeline of Future Trunks, and probably still lives in the universe 10 of that timeline, because he never met Goku.
            And a future version of Zamasu from a future of our main timeline. That was probably the one they were fighting against. Although its kinda weird that he knows about the Future Trunks timeline and knows how to go there.

            Anyway, that would mean we have a total of 3 Zamasus.
            Future Trunks Timeline Zamasu, who never met Goku. Maybe he is still in his universe 10. OR maybe he is Black Goku, who knows.
            Main timeline Future Zamasu, the one who became immortal, and somehow traveled to Future Trunks timeline.
            AND the present day main timeline Zamasu, who is currently searching for the Super Dragonballs.

            Man, thats way too complicated for a simple shonen series.

          • Bob

            To quote Cell in Dragonball Z Abridged, Multiverse theory is a bitch.

        • Marc van der Meijden

          especialy when he goes to a timeline where human are already greatly beating down by the androids,if you wanna do something like this you dont go to a timeline with less humans you go to one with the most,so his logic is flawed,but then again a psychopaths logic is Always flawed,and also bad writting on that part.

          and to make it easy for himself why doesnt he simply go to a universe where there are no humans,he does make it complicated for himself lol

    • maybe he ask the dragon to make black kinda like the strongest fighter from earth

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    Ok, so a lot of hate going on for the inconsistancies in Dragonball Super. Honestly, to a point I agree but not because Super is a bad series, but rather because Dragonball Z left a lot of holes to fill up. Keep in mind, DBZ was supposed to be done after Frieza saga, so Airka Toryiama wasn’t as invested in the series for cell or Buu (as evidence that Buu was just cell on a larger scale) a lot of what needs to be patched up is from those two saga’s.
    If your struggling with the changes, try using your own imagination to fill in the holes. Instead of a ton of whinning and ego stroking, try being productive. In this instance the inconsistancies are easy to fill.
    Gamasu’s explanation of the Portara Earings: It’s highly feasible that AFTER elder Kai was trapped in the Z Sword, changes were made to the Portara earings that he was unaware of, there were tens of thousands of years between his entrapment and Buu’s revival. In the DBZ universe that means a massive amount of shit storms happening. This would lead them to assume the de-fusion would be because of Buu.
    Vegito’s Strength: I can’t say we saw Vegitos’ full strength, but if you really look at DBZ Super, it’s less about power levels and more about technique, much like DragonBall was. I don’t think Trunks is anywhere NEAR Goku and Vegita’s level (as he was awe’d by Super Sayain Three) and seems to only be able to tap into the smallest part of Super Sayain Blue, perhapes only enough to allow his ki to hurt Gods. That being said, perhapes fighting Vegito had Zamasu conditioning himself to fighting one type of energy, and was caught off Guard by Trunks form of energy, also instead of large blasting attacks intending to overpower, Trunks used slashing piercing attacks that tended to cut through and leave “festering” energies inside Zamwhine-su. Again, it was technique over power that won that fight.
    Trunks use of the spirit bomb-esqe attack, kinda makes sense. We were never told exactly how that attack worked, but Goku mention being able to “feel” individuals through the bombs power. Being abel to discover a technique through times of desperations, isn’t so far fetched, and usually it takes on a form more familure to the one using it. Note, it wasn’t the power of the attack Zamwhiney was going on about, but all the differnt collection of powers in the attack “boring” into him. (insert “boring” joke about my post here)
    The thing I dislike is that Goku is still such a mary Sue, Vegita trained for this fight personally inside the hyperbolic time chamber, and still Goku was more powerful than he and trunks put together. Its feeling like DB Super is revisint the greatest hits of DBZ in a hurry so we can move on and get to new and promising development, I’m hoping it will be more like dragonball in that respect, like when Roshi took on goku transformed int to Giant Ape form. Even though he was overpowered ten to one, he has a technique that held off goku long enough for him to figure out how to defeat that form.

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    Okay 🙂 1) if they’re speaking it obviously they’ve learned 2) it’s the Internet who cares how someone says it, as long as you can understand the meaning and 3) eevn if I tpye lkie tihs you sulohd be albe to raed tihs, if not tehn oh wlel 🙂 and 4) the translation is pretty bad sometimes to the point I’ve to pause and reread what’s being said in order to even understand what they’re saying 😀 so next time don’t be a troll and a jerk and be considerate of people who learn our language since tbh it’s one of the hardest to learn as a second language due to the fact we’ve a very complex vocabulary, so many words that sound the same, but mean different things. I.e. The word complex I just said, if someone didn’t know English was reading this it could be translated to building, since we also use that word for things such as shopping complex, or it could come up as a mental disease like superiority complex like in your case 😀
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    english is my second language (im from Quebec) so my main language is basicly French but a bit mixed with some english word . . . i speak in english like i speak in french (if you are from france for you thats mean REALLY BAD) but for us this is actually how everyone do . . . im often said by dumbass that my spelling is bad but not in fact it is perfect (in english test i alway got 90% to 100%) and this is not even my primary language i chatted with born english peeps that spell worst than i do AND I NEVER CRITIC THE WAY THEY SPELL . . . as long we can understand what he mean who give a f**k how the word are said


    I only corrected your mistake and my question implied that you didn’t pay much attention to the episode where they explain the equation of how you should know which universes are paired. To make you less ignorant I then explained to you the concept. That I had to correct you pretty much makes my implication a fact. That you lash out implies that you are an unstable person who cant stand being corrected and it angers you that you aren’t always correct. That you use name calling to try to get your point across implies that you aren’t very mature which also implies that you are a kid. And lastly I understood what you were saying even through all the misspelling and such. That I had to correct a part of what you were saying means I didn’t understand the rest? Maybe you had the rest correct so I only felt the need to correct that which was wrong? I guess you can tell me, you are the know-it-all.

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